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I’ve been home since about 11 today. My boss called when she heard that her boss didn’t even come into the office today due to the weather. Granted nothing was happening weather-wise at 8 am and nothing was really happening at 10 am either, but hey, stuff was going to happen and I follow instructions. I got my butt out of there, much to the jealous stares of my coworkers.

Jud was in class when I got home so I stuffed some chicken with cheese and onions and ham and put it in the oven. We had lunch and then I went to the store to get essentials in case the crazy ice keeps us here for a day because it is supposed to be in the 50s on Friday. In other words, this “artic blast” as they keep repeating on the television, will be short lived and is probably going to be no big deal at all. “They” say 1-3 inches of snow. I say, prove it.

Meanwhile I’ve been trying to fill my day with interesting things and thus far have not succeeded. Oh well.

By the way, we did purchase a tree and put it up. Here it is….

Check out the pictures on the wall. I did such a crappy job hanging them. I should never be allowed to hammer nails into walls and place things onto said nails. Always crooked and always poorly spaced. I even did that stupid thing where you cut out pieces of paper to be the same size as your pictures and tape them onto the wall so that you know just where to put the nail. It didn’t help. I’ve just always been a bad judge of space and proportion. It’s why I shouldn’t attempt to paint/draw/create figures. They would be terrible. I remember once this picture of a girl playing a piano. Her mother had painted the picture and I couldn’t tell what was wrong with it. I just knew it was bad, that something wasn’t right. Then Allison (the queen of space and angles) pointed out the distinct hamster like quality of the forearms and hands. It was unmistakable. This poor little girl with hamster hands. It’s amazing what hamsters can do with pianos.


  1. i had forgotten about that painting until you wrote about it. hilarious! did she have t-rex arms too or just hamster hands? in my memory i sort of think of her having little t-rex arms.

    nice tree. nice crooked pictures. (i can’t believe you used the paper trick… i didn’t even know that existed. you can’t be good at everything and if the worst thing anyone could say about me is that i hang a crooked picture i would be pleased. ) nice!

  2. i could probably think of worse things to say…. wait, this is a nice, family-friendly blog :-). ha, ha. just kidding. no really, just kidding. smile. smile.

    she had t-rex arms too. you’re right. see what i mean about your mastery of perception? you even REMEMBER this distortion. that is why I love you. love you.

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