Speaking Dideon

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A short dictionary for those who are not fluent in my firstborn’s language 

  • vava – Elevator
  • ment me – Cement Mixer
  • bump – Thunder
  • rin – Rain
  • loud siren sounds – Firetruck
  • mommy – Mommy or Grandma (see context for clarification)
  • dice – outside
  • bise – spider
  • the Man – any man he doesn’t know or Derrick 
  • jack – cheddar cheese 
  • Dideon – Gideon (but now he’s starting to say ‘me’ and I have never been more sad to hear someone pronounce something correctly)

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  1. I love this! Language development is SO fascinating! However, I’ve been caught using the same incorrect usage for a word that Truma uses…..who’s supposed to be influencing who?:)

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