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So, no big surprise or anything, but I’m sick again. If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve lived my whole life out in the open with the normal people, I would swear that I am the girl in the bubble who escaped six months ago and has now caught her death.

Please do not write to me about vitamins or teas or medicines or bubbles because I need no more advice. I do not need to eat better. I do not need to sleep more (although suggestions to do that aren’t completely unwelcome because I can show them to Jud and say things like “see, even the internet said I should go to bed now!”). I do not need to turn around three times while clapping and lick salt from a metal spoon while upside down or anything else. I need a darn immune system that works!

(Thank you Air Force docs and all of your infinite wisdom for prescribing me antibiotics when I was a wee child who actually needed a surgery to correct my problem, not another dose of your syrupy voodoo. Look! Look what you have created! She’s ALIVE, but lo, she is not well.)




Sore throat

Nasal Congestion

Nasal Leakage

Red Sore strangely flaky nose

Tired Eyes

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Sinus Pressure

One of my friends has been sick for three weeks and I’m sure her list is longer. She went to this magical place yesterday where the doctor didn’t charge her anything, gave her free samples of antibiotics and his office wasn’t scary at all. He’s just a medical magician who loves DTS students and has a practice off Preston Road. Thank you Magical Doctor! I will call you on Thursday if my symptoms persist!

I feel about as bad I look in this picture…


  1. you do sort of have that glazed feverish look… like you are about to start talkin’ crazy-like and just a-stabbin’ away with your fork! but that food looks crazy good to me right now. i started getting sick yesterday. thanks for sending your vengeful sick vibes my way. no kim, everyone else should not be sick when you are, so stop it!!!
    love and healing thoughts to you,
    a to the fza

  2. you caught my internet/phone virus. ha ha ha ha ha! you too will suffer as i have.
    also, please note that talkin’ crazy and stabbin’ away with my fork have nothing to do with my fever.
    also the glaze is from all of the oil in HuHot. mmmm, oil.
    healing thoughts to you now, my pretty!

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