Stuff I Did In North Dakota

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Sat in a car for a really long time.

Looked around and saw…um…the curvature of the earth?

Fed Piper.

Kept sitting in car.

Watched some friends tie the knot.

Drove onto the air base and joined my mother in thanking God for not ever stationing us there.

Fed Piper.

Played in the pool with Gideon (awesome kids pool, by the way. It had a polar bear slide and a giant mushroom/umbrella thing that rained water down).

Assured Gideon that there would not be any thunder today.


Wondered why plastic footwear has become acceptable to pair with evening attire.

Fed Piper.


Fed Piper.

Spoke with a woman in German, albeit poorly.

Saw people from college days that did not recognize me (really? I have had this exact same face since the early 80s).

Met people from Dallas who are friends with our friends there.

Fed Piper.


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  1. Kim, Loved your list. A few comments. The tallest blonde girl in the music group at the wedding was our Logan (Bev’s daughter) Another daughter was also in the group – shorter, wearing a blue dress – quite tanned, long curly hair. Anyway, you will have seen them! And, no they did not wear orange flip-flops!

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