Sunday – The Day of All Fun

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It is very wonderful to have a church to call home. Here it is: Home.

We love the people here (even if we are apparently totally wigged out about building relationships with them too quickly. Guess we’re a little gun-shy these days) and we got up in time to make it to Sunday school with plenty of time to spare.

When we got there some old CBCers were visiting and they’d come with some new friends they met at the Baby Factory. We sat through the class and it was really great and the people, again, are so wonderful. They invited us out to eat with them and after the service, we went to Taco Bueno (a bit like the Bell but not as stinky and I did eat something, even if it was 2.99 for a tortilla with cheese and some chicken in it). I made some sort of joke about how I always thought babies came from Seminary and people thought that was funny, so I relaxed a little bit. Jud was funny too and I think (and hope) they like us. Sometimes I think my inner voice will never really grow up past thirteen and I will perpetually be evaluating if I am being perceived in a positive light, when really, as Matthew’s sermon pointed out, I should just get over myself.

We left the Bueno, grabbed our important things: Sunscreen, swimsuits, PIE, three Cheddarwurst, hamburger buns, and sunglasses and waited for the ‘cedes to pull up. Then we hitched a ride to Southy.

We swam. We ate. We ate some more. We played Apples to Apples. We laughed.

It was wonderful. Thanks, friends, for all the wonder!


  1. I agree- Sunday was loaded with incredible FUN, even though refined Kim totally whipped us in the laugh-inducing “Apples to Apples” game. Brandon & I are practicing for our next boardgame match-up by adding numerous adjectives to all of our spoken and written vocabulary. Does that sentence have too many adjectives?

  2. I was pretty disappointed with my performance in Apples to Apples. I must have left my A game a home or something. I definately look forward to a rematch sometime soon.

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