Suppertime Plans

Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Food | 1 comment

It’s 4:59, in the pm. I am not in the kitchen. That’s where I usually spend the last hour to hour and a half before Jud pulls in the driveway. Instead I am here – sitting in front of the computer screen pretending that I am going to find something useful on smittenkitchen or allrecipes.

I’m sure I won’t though, because I haven’t defrosted a protein for our meal tonight. That means the most important part of the dish would be missing – still cocooned in frost, all wrapped up in our side by side.

There is lunch meat (shut up, hippies, I love roast beef) and there are some hot dogs (again, hippies. at least they are Hebrew National). I think I could make something good with eggs, but I’m guessing the Jud won’t care for it. He’s not so much into the breakfast at suppertime thing.

This is a funk. Less funky, more funk.

It’s summertime and I’d rather be reading.

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  1. In the summer, my oven makes a mean Papa Murphy’s pizza!

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