Swearing Not to Do That Again

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Somewhere along the 3300 miles that we drove, we all decided that the trip on which we’d embarked was just this side of insanity.  The kids did a great job, in spite of the very long hours they spent in the car and the lack of naps.  I am very sure that the dvd player and Bob the Builder were a balm to Gideon’s soul and I was so glad that I brought along a pacifier as Piper embraced it in Illinois on the way out.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful to see the fam, but it is absolutely grueling on us to do it like that.  We have officially sworn off of the eight day trip out east.  Next year one of my cousins, dare I say my favorite one, will be getting married on a tiny island off the coast of Maine.  We will be flying (and then driving and then ferrying) out for that, which will be a whole new kind of traveling with children. In the meantime, we’ll try to keep the trips a little closer to home (Madison here we come!).

In pictures:

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  1. we are lucky that most of our travels are within a 1 day long drive. and that I love road trips. I swore to not try and fly with more than 1 kid/carseat/etc. And so far we haven’t had to 🙂 hope you had some fun on your trip, and some pictures 🙂

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