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Product Review – Conditioner is better, I make the hair silky and smooth. Oh yeah?!

Posted by on Jun 1, 2011 in Product Reviews | 1 comment

I am still formulating a restaurant review post, so in the meantime, I give you a product review. You will be so happy that I did (if you’ve ever been inside of Trader Joe’s and been out of conditioner and thought “why not?”).

Kim’s Review of: Trader Joe’s Refresh Citrus Conditioner with Vitamin C

It’s own description:
Unique Aroma-Therapeutic Blend of Orange Blossoms and Grapefruit
Created with Vitamin C and B-5 and Soothing Chamomile
Cruelty Free – Never Tested on Animals; No Animal Products in Ingredients
16 Fl Oz (473 mL) Bottle
100% Biodegradable

My take on it:
Okay, so it smells delicious. It’s biodegradable but not edible, so I haven’t tasted it or anything, but I could. Almost. It is fresh and lovely and everything you would want your head to smell like, especially after you have been outside for a while and you get that awful funk. I wish that summer smelled like this conditioner instead of sweaty children and sunscreen, but alas. It’s not to be.

And the bottle is cute. Look! Cute!

(Disclaimer: I didn’t try out the shampoo, although it is pictured here).

It is also ridiculously cheap. We’re talking under four dollars for all of that conditioner. It could be so awesome.

But the love stops right before I put it on my hair. It is so hard to get out of my hair, almost as if I slathered some Aveeno Oatmeal Lotion on my head. That kind of hard. And in spite of the fact that I take socially irresponsible showers (people everywhere don’t have water and I act like standing under the shower head is some kind of right), I still have conditioner in my hair when I comb it out afterwards. What is that? Why? Wax? All the lotion they mixed in? I’m not sure.

And my hair does not look better for it. It kind of looks like the hair I imagine people who listen to NPR have on their heads (What? Well, yes, I do happen to listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and Click and Clack and Morning Edition and, oh, I get it).

Of course, Trader Joe’s has the awesomeness to take back anything you buy from them if you aren’t satisfied and I could return this to them and they would be super cool about it, but it would probably cost me more in gas to drive over there than to just keep using it and marveling at the left overs in mah hairs. And that is what I am going to do. Keep using it until it is all gone. And then I’ll buy some Bumble and Bumble.

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