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They changed the trash bags at my office. They were clear before and now they are black, the same color as the cans. It makes more sense, but looks more industrial.

I listened to a woman go on and on about how disorganized she is right now while she stood in the kitchen and drank coffee. I think I may know the source of her problem.

Do you remember the dumpster saga? Click here for pictures. The short version of the drama goes like this…

In the month of May our landlord was instructed by the city to put an enclosure around the dumpster due to a rezoning that made our neighborhood a historic district. The landlord hemmed and hawed until fines were threatened and thus began the unending project of construction. He made the duct tape “Dumpster Here” sign and ever so slowly started the work to remove some cement and dirt, pour new cement, put in poles and then, well, the project stalled out. Now, I should tell you that the project never really gained momentum in the first place; after all, it took three months just to get the hole dug and the cement poured. Nothing has happened for weeks and weeks now, except that the dumpster has migrated further and further into the driveway and street, nearly blocking our exit. On Monday morning, Jud had had enough. He moved the 2x4s that were blocking the dumpster’s new home in it’s nook (still without it’s enclosure) and began waiting for sounds of the garbage man. This morning, hearing the truck rumbling up, he jogged outside, hopped up on the side of the truck and told the guy to put it where it should go. Garbage man didn’t know if he could get the angle quite right, but Jud encouraged him quite a bit and ta-da! Our dumpster is now out of the driveway and out of the street. Our landlord will, no doubt, see this as the reason to never finish the project.

My Seminary Wives Bible Study officially has no members. This is due in large part to the fact that no one knows it exists. I suppose I should’ve made some fliers or something, but I don’t even know how to disseminate them and I am thinking maybe there is no need for the study. I can’t help but wonder why they were recruiting teachers/leaders if they didn’t have people to fill groups.

My house needs a good cleaning but I am lacking any real motivation to clean it up…I guess we better schedule some dinner guests or I’ll just leave the squalor for later. Anybody need a meal?

Our cell phone bill and our AT&T bill were both double the expected amounts in September. Can’t wait for October to roll in!

We are about to buy a new computer and have decided against the Apple world (somewhere my father breathes a deep sigh of relief). Allison, Nathan, Brandon and the jerks at the Apple store all contributed great insight into the purchase. Thank you for your efforts to shoot straight and not be all ‘I heart all things Mac” in a crazy way (except for the Apple store holier-than-thou clerks, who, may I remind you, you are working RETAIL at a store that is all WHITE and thus have no firm footing for your pretentiousness, or at least no reason to be as smug as to ask me “well, do you ever use a computer?”).

Apparently, TO tried to kill himself last night. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that one.

Finally, in the last bit of random news from Kim, I don’t think I told you that I bought a leather chair at an auction. The auction was, and thus the chair is, in Omaha. Anyone with a truck who is willing to bring the chair down will receive three nights lodging, all the home-cooked food during their stay and one dinner at Matt’s (I know, it’s quite the bargain!).


  1. Did you know 2 x 4’s are actually 1 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches? You can thank GU for that tidbit.

  2. Is the “meal deal” open to relatives, and can I order fajitas at Matt’s if I tote said leather chair 597 miles to Texas?

    Poppi (AKA Ricky-Bobbie)

  3. The meal deal is absolutely open to relatives, Ricky-Bobbie (is that an ‘ie’ like Tony or Toni??? You know what I’m talkin’ about).

    Rebecca – I really did not know that. I also did not know that you are taking construction courses from GU. Wow, they must have all sorts of programs I don’t know about. Jud just offered to get you a job at Chicago Lumber…he could pull a few strings :D.

  4. I’m bummed you didn’t buy the Apple (I’m on my new MacBook Pro, which rules!), but I’m happy that I could provide some thoughtful advice. While I love Apple and the products they produce, you have to be serious about switching. I’m confident that cost-benefit ratios will produce positive results for Apple’s products, however, they do break…just like all computers. Such is life…(and thanks for the shout-out).

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