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So, for Christmas, I put up an Amazon.com wishlist that included hair products.  Bumble and Bumble hair products to be exact.  I love pretty much everything they make and the only real down side is the price.  Tiny bottles + Big Price Tags = Presents.  

Wanting to please me and make my hair gorgeous, Jud drove to the only place I know of in this town to buy Bumble and Bumble items – T’eez Salon.  I haven’t been there in a while and apparently, they no longer sell Bumble and Bumble products.  They now have their own line of products, which is fine, I’m sure, for someone else.  I don’t mess with the hair.  I use what I know.  Only trial size products that last for a few weeks can sway me to make full on purchases outside of what I know or what was featured on the Smackdown. 

But, poor Jud was in a pinch and Christmas was fast approaching and there was some woman making him describe my hair type and then convincing him to purchase their products.  There’s a lot of hair product fumes around there, so I’m surprised he didn’t just straight up pass out while all of this was happening.  Instead, he got two bottles, spending $45 and left.  He wrapped up the bottles and gave them to me on Christmas morning.  

It really is the thought that counts and the fact that he braved a salon AT ALL warmed my heart.  It did not make me willing to pop open those bottles and see what happens.  I’d rather have the $45 to buy the Bumble and Bumble stuff online. So, off I went to make a return.

And thus begins the annoying part of the story.  I haul my third-trimester rear end with Gideon on my hip into their main entry.  I take the bottles out of my purse and tell them that I’d like to return them.  She tells me that they can only offer me in store credit. I tell her that I don’t want in store credit.  I want my money back.  She tells me that I should buy a curling iron.  I think about what I could do with another curling iron and tilt my head. I tell her I don’t need a curling iron.  I want my money back.  She asks if I get my hair cut there.  I tell her that I used to.  I don’t anymore.  The only reason I am there is because they used to sell the products I use and when my husband came to buy them for me, they sold him something that was not even a one for one product that I use. She tells me I could get my hair cut there.  Oh really.  I guess I didn’t realize that I COULD get my hair cut there.  Is that what they do there?  I had NO IDEA.

I relent and tell her that I’ll just take it in a gift card to re-gift to someone.  She does some typing and tells me ‘okay, it’s in the system’ as if that is going to satisfy me – the customer who came in with a receipt that did NOT specify a return policy and got sucker punched out of my sweet sweet Bumble and Bumble product.  I tell her that I want a gift card or something.  She tells me that they don’t do that.  I tell her I want something in writing and then magically, somehow, she finds a gift certificate card to write the info on.  Wow.  Did I almost loose that $45 completely?  I think I did.  I have the sneaking suspicion that she was going to delete that right out of the computer, otherwise, wouldn’t she have written it down on the card in the first place? 

Outcome: My blood was boiling.  I do not have my money back.   I did not explode with gestating rage all over a girl who works at a salon.  I will never patron T’eez salon again.  If you do, and are interested in buying my $45 credit there (for say, $35) let me know.


  1. I think I’m okay in the hair products department!

  2. I am with Poppy.

  3. wow, that situation would’ve made me mad too! Grr! And Jud can join Luke in the “I got her a gift but it backfired” club. Poor guy.

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