Tennis Elbow, Thighs and Toes, Thighs and Toes

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The heat finally broke on Friday night and we woke up to the nice Texas weather that does not kill people, so we went outside.

First we went to the UPS place and mailed things to Nebraska, but then we drove over to the tennis courts that are very very close to where we live, later making it seem strange that we’d driven there.

Newly racketed and with bright green tennis balls, we made our way onto the court. I couldn’t even recall the basics at first but Jud reminded me. We decided just to practice hitting the ball at (that’s the correct preposition, trust me) each other and it was a little crazy for a while. Lots of running quickly and totally missing the dang thing or completely smashing it so hard that there’s no way the other person could get it or lobbing it into the air like a grenade. It wasn’t pretty.

While we made fools of ourselves on one side of the court, a doubles match of over 60s kept making really nice swings and very little grunting. They looked like pros. Old pros, but pros none the less.

On the playground next to us, two teenagers were up to no good on their Saturday morning at the slides. I’ll spare you the details, but it was a good reminder that adolescent minds don’t know how to properly discern social behaviors.

We were out for about an hour and called it quits. Though the sun was barely out and the temperature was cool, we were both pretty sweaty. Before we’d gone out, I’d thought about how awesome it was going to be to have so many gym hours logged prior to beginning The Great Tennis Adventure. I was wrong.

Using the mouse today has seemed like a feat. I suppose I’d better attempt a few more dips and pull ups at the gym today. Cheryl suggested buying a lighter racket, but I was already commenting about the lightness of the one we bought and then thinking that I would not have much pain at all. Oh, the vanity! Oh the naivety!

Game Paused.

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