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This one is dedicated to the helpful people at Market Pantry. Let’s say you always wanted to eat a delicious wrap. Maybe you ate one at Panera (do they have them there? Or maybe at Chipotle (because technically a burrito is one…right?) or some such place. I don’t know, because I don’t order wraps when I am out.

If you order a wrap somewhere, is it because you are trying to save calories? Maybe you just want to appear to care about carbs? Maybe you really really love tortillas. I don’t know. Gluten? That sounds the best I think. You want to avoid gluten so you order a nice gluten free wrap sandwich.

As you enjoy your wrap, I bet sometimes, if the wrap is really good, you wonder if you could make it at home. Let’s see, you’d say to yourself, I’ll need avocado and chicken and tomatoes and some lettuce of various kinds and of course, a tortilla. I’m just gonna wager that you don’t ever wonder to yourself HOW to make the wrap.


Just in case you are a complete idiot, Market Pantry included steps for you:

Oh, now wait.

Place, fold, roll?

Fold, Place, Roll?

What one earth?!

I’ve rolled and then placed and now I’m folding and oh, this is too much!!

I give up!!!

Bah, I’ll just get some bread.


  1. I don’t do wraps either, but I love Chipotle. I get their Bowls cause I feel like with their wraps/burritos, you either get an entire bite of rice OR an entire bite of the good stuff. With the bowl, I can mix it all around. Mix it baby yeah!

  2. @Jayme – I get the crispy tacos! Who needs rice when you can have all the good stuff without it (except that their rice is amazing…it just fills me up too quickly!)? I would seriously eat Chipotle for lunch and dinner every day of my life. The Carnitas with the green and corn salsas is a little bite of heaven.

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