The Alarm is Untrue

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On Thursday I went to work wearing the following:

– black dress pants with elastic waist
– button up blue dress shirt, sleeveless
– white, knit 3/4 sleeve cardigan
– trouser socks
– Danskos

By 10:30 that day I had stripped away the socks, shoes and cardigan and was still sitting in a pool of my own sweat.

Having had enough of the person who is constantly complaining that she is cold going around and moving the thermostats to whatever trips her fancy, I got the big guns involved and went over to the guy who’s responsible for all things building related. I told him I was dying from the heat and that something needed to be done. Now.

He got his little laser gun thing and we went over to my cube home. He tested the air all around the cube and it was all coming back about 78-80. Then he shot the laser at Ronke and she was 80 and then Kelly was 83. But my belly? It was 91. On the outside. And also covered in beads of sweat, but the laser can’t tell you that. So, he brought me a fan and I got some ice chips and sucked on them and left my shoes off too.

A wee bit later I thought I was going into labor. Strong contractions in the belly, back constrictions too, shooting pains through center of body. They all seemed in order so I went home early. They got worse and closer together until about 7pm when they just stopped. There were some contractions on Friday, but nothing to really warrant me taking the day off of work; although I did take the day off because, well, because I can.

Today there have not been any real contractions, although that awesome hot stabbing pain comes around whenever I’ve been standing up for a while.

I went to SuperTarget and got the last of the stuff that is necessary to bring a newborn into your home, easy to make foods for Jud for when the baby comes and I don’t want to cook, and Pringles. I love Pringles and they were on sale. Who am I to argue with that? When I got home I made some Cranberry Cheesecake Bars (that’s not their real name, I don’t think, but they’re the ones that Tesa’s name is on in the latest CBC cookbook). They are super good, but they are still cooling, so it will be a while before I can enjoy them. I think they will help me to keep my mind off the fact that I am ready to have this baby but have no control over that event’s arrival. Delicious fruit and cream cheese bars can take your mind off of anything.


  1. Laser tag around my grandson? Somebody is looking for a Nebraska-size whooping! But 91 degrees–does that mean the little fellar is about ready to come out of the oven? Just remember what they teach in Delaware EMT schools; when the little yellow timer pops out of your bellybutton, that’s when you are really going to go into labor!

  2. Well, if that’s the case, then he’s never coming out because my belly button is still very much an “in-nie” (which I am very thankful for).

  3. Because I just know you were being polite and letting both Zan and I get back in town, I wanted to give you clearance. Baby Mack can join us now. Daniel and I made it back in town this evening and are looking forward to a hospital trip very soon! =)Enjoy those yummy cheesecake bars and let me know what delicious dish I can contribute to get your mind off of things. It may not be Christmas, but toffee is always an option. =)Love ya!

  4. Yes, I already love Baby Mack for waiting so patiently & enduring such tight living quarters just a little longer. I’m back from Vegas now & am anxious to meet this little guy…any day now!!
    Much love, Zan

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