The Battle Rages On

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Our master bathroom sink asked for it.  I am bringing it.

I noticed a few months ago that it wasn’t draining as fast as it should (you know, like super fast, as in there is nothing blocking this sink’s only purpose, which is to allow water to flow through it and leave my presence immediately). I pulled out the little stopper thing and noticed some calcification from our hard water.  I cleaned it off and, ever so naively, put it back.  I was both pleased with myself, as if I was a plumber, and apprehensive that anything had been solved.

Obviously, it didn’t work. A few weeks later, I was letting the water heat up before I washed my face when I looked down and noticed that the water was backing up pretty quickly. It was hot enough so I got my job done before there was a real problem.  I tossed some kind of statement over to Jud like “we should do something about this sink.” He agreed.  I agreed.  We both promptly left the sink issue right where it had been, which is to say no where.

On cleaning day two weeks ago I decided to pour a bunch of this down the drain:

liquidplumberOnce again with the pride and the apprehension.

And once again it did not work.  Not at all.  And it was the GEL kind. Shouldn’t that count for something? It’s fancy!  But, no.  The water was still slowly filling in the sink while I brushed my teeth, while I let it get hot at night, while I washed my face.  Fill. Fill. Fill.

And then, a couple of days ago, it started to stink. It smells funky.  Kind of sulphury.  Kind of stale.  Just the way you’d imagine a clogged drain might smell.  And ever since I got pregnant that very first time, I have had over active olfactory sensors. I can smell all sorts of things that you wish you couldn’t smell.  I can smell people’s breath in crowds.  I can smell when Piper has a dirty diaper before I go into her room when the door is closed.  I can smell you right now.  It’s that crazy.  So now that drain is taunting me.  It’s like it knows that I can smell it while I’m in bed at night.  In fact, I blame it for the nightmare I had last night where the nurse at the pediatricians office was trying to kill me with a sharpened one of these by shoving it up my nose:

nasalaspiratorToday I poured some bleach and boiling water down the hole and was greeted with a skunky scent. I’m not sure that’s better than the sulphur.  I am positive that the problem is not solved.  But it will be.


Right after you tell me what to do.


  1. I don’t know what to do, the draino has always done the job for us. Hope you get it fixed soon!

  2. Sorry Kim, I have no idea what to do, but I am glad to hear that your sense of smell is super sensitive too. I expected it when I was pregnant, but had no idea that it would last. I’m glad you’re blogging again!

  3. Take the P-trap (the u-shaped pipe) off of the drain and clean it out. If that was already clog free, get a plumbing snake and shove it on in there.

    Welcome to my life.

  4. We bought Rossite from the plumber for our shower drain – and it worked great. This was after I tried the Draino gel!

  5. Sounds like a job for THE SNAKE. Call Phil. He has one, and he knows how to use it.

  6. I have the exact same smelling problem! I can totally smell diapers from the other room and scents from our kitchen sink and trashcan that make me crazy. Don’t tell James you have it too…I almost have him convinced I have super powers.

    Also, I love you. You are cracking me up with these posts:)

  7. I see i am over a month late but, when the sink fills up take your toliet plunger to the sink and pump…..and pump….and pump…try take stinky sink. let me know if you read this so i know that i did not write it in vain


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