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So, you know how I was talking about baby stuff once and was all ‘give me ideas’ and ‘will register soon.’ Yeah, so, even though you kept up your end of the bargain, I have yet to register for anything.

Yesterday, my boss asked me (again) if I’d bothered to haul my increasingly large rear end off the sofa and into a baby store to scan items with the gun. I told her I hadn’t and that registering is starting to stress me out. She just laughed and told me to go do it. She’s right.

Reasons I’ve been Clinging to for Ignoring the Fact that I need to Register
1. lazy
2. tired
3. our SuperTarget is ghetto and overcrowded which makes me feel crazy (and Jud more so)
4. registering somewhere requires me to leave my home, the home I spend all day wishing I was in
5. Lost Season 2
6. Jud writes these silly things for school called ‘papers’ that take a bunch of time
7. i haven’t read “Baby Bargains” yet

I could probably think of more, but these should work, right?

On the upside of this mess, I did spend a bunch of time looking at baby junk webstores (including the ridiculous ones, like Petit Tresor and the ones for us common folk, like Ikea). Through the searching and the clicking and the linking and all, I think I’ve settled on the way I’d like his room to look….someday. When we buy stuff for it. When we have a room for him. When we are homeowners and could put up Wayne’s coating without flushing away a deposit.

This rug is the inspiration (I like the colors, navy, white and Ikea green).

Here’s the room I kind of liked, minus all the nautical garbage. I like the colors and the cleanliness and the understated baby-ness.

This rattle has similar colors and I like the fun light blue as an accent color.
Today we go in for another doctor’s visit where I plan to demand to know the progress of the placenta and also if the tealeaves say I should board a plane for Atlanta next week. After the appointment, Jud is planning to whisk me away to the land of registries and I will do my best not to be grumpy or burst into tears about hating how children are exploited by the marketing masterminds who plaster images of cartoons on sheets and toys and clothing to make the children crave for more. All of those poor children, little billboards for Disney and Dora! Why can’t the children be fed healthy doses of Matisse or Monet? (I already know why, so no preachy comments about how I’m one of those people who’s judgmental before they have their own kids. I already know I’m judgmental. I don’t need to hear it from you). I’m going to have to give in to Baby Einstein and Barney soon. I just know I’m not ready yet.


  1. Laughing about the Barney thing! Elijah loves it! HAHA! On the way down here….speaking of I can’t BELIEVE this weather how can it be 69 here and 9 in Nebraska!! WOWA….Elijah watched plenty of THOSE cartoons that we have given into…I supose PBS kids is a lot better than even some of the Disney channels…which are G rated…HA!
    Too bad you can’t registar online hey??? Then you could be watching your Lost and registaring in the commericals! LOL!
    Katie Meester

  2. Did you register for any pickled pepper sheets?

    Peter Piper

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