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Well, I wish I could say I was surprised that the Republicans surrendered control of the House and a great deal of power in the Senate, but I’m not. After 12 years of control, something eventually had to give. It appears to me that people chose to vote for anyone other than a Republican likely out of anger and disgust that is primarily composed by media biases and sheer ignorance to our countries hierarchy of needs. As I watched the results come in last night and saw Wolf Blitzer’s sheer delight, I could not help but feel that tomorrow (now today), we are less safe than we were the day before. And while the Dems seek to revolutionize our “sluggish” economy (please pick up a Wall Street Journal and look at the DOW & 4% unemployment rate for a change) through “improving” the minimum wage/creating greater inflation (something that only affects 12 million out of 300 million Americans, most of whom are high-schoolers), money and attention will be diverted from areas that vitally affect our world standing as the Left will continue to drive us toward becoming the “Western Netherlands.”

And while I regret the fact that the Dems did so well yesterday, I am partially comforted by the fact that this will galvanize that GOP. Bush will give a speech today where he calls for unity and single-mindedness throughout the next two years. However, it is my hope that the GOP uses this time to truly find themselves again, to actually stand for something again, and to stop pandering to liberal interests for the sake of media recognition. The media will never like an individual or cause that sees issues as black and white, right or wrong because they’re a pluralistic entity who sides with things like philosophy over religion and values. Aside from spreading the influence of relativity, creating other socialistic entities, and building bigger government, the Left has no ideas for solving our problems. And as Nancy Palosi fights for the rights of illegal immigrants and terrorists, Republicans will hopefully find a sense of unity toward what our Constitution affords to individuals and our desperate need to protect our borders and liberty. As I look at many of the results, a big thank you goes out to the moronic people of Vermont and Minnesota for electing an open Socialist (VT) and a Muslim (MN), I’m sure that they’ll do wonders in protecting the causes of our nation.

As for me, I have decided to shun ideas of political unity for the idea of standing firm on what I believe. And unlike the Dems, I stand first on my morals and then align myself with the people and party that best represents my values. It is my hope that as we galvanize ourselves and fight for the major issues on America’s hierarchy of needs, our country will realize that the Dems have no real connection with reality and that their idealism and money-hungry solutionism only deepens our nations interdependency upon government provisorship and brings our country back to pre 9/11 vulnerability.

Maybe you could care less about this post and that’s fine. Or perhaps you now see me as a “bigoted-redstater,” thats fine to. All of this is fine because of I’m tired of taking things lying down and I’m ready to stand for something. I hope that this can also be true for you, whoever and wherever you are.


  1. Hi guys. Don’t worry, we’re republicans too. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now. I am wondering if I should put all my $ in a jar under my bed or something. I guess we ARE moving to the woods…

    Montanans also voted to raise minimum wage, because it sounds like a good idea, but when I read some literature about opposition to it the point was made that most montanans who make minimum wage are high schoolers who live with their parents. thought that was interesting.

  2. Two words: Well said! Jud, your posts are always thought-provoking. No offense my dear Kim, yours are as well! =) All of this is said to encourage both of your posts…we’ve seen a drought lately. =)

  3. Jenn,

    I’m afraid that this post was a little too crazy but it was therapeutic in a way too. I guess I was reading a little too much Michelle Malkin in hope of coping with the poor decisions of Americans on Tuesday. I’m still upset about things but I’m a lot less upset than I was a day ago. Thought was given to amending my statement and making it a little more “chilled-out” but I’ll leave it as is, with my misspelling of Pelosi and all. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Just another comment… Even though I am worried about what the democrats will do to the economy, taxes, the supreme court, etc., I do just have to ask about your statement that americans made bad choices… Sure, but there weren’t really any good choices. At least here in Montana, the Rebublican guy was a jerk, people are sick of scandals and the way they see things going wrong. Even if things aren’t exactly as they think, really who can blame them for wanting a change. Just too bad there’s no good other option that will actually do that.

    But again, we’re moving to the woods.

  5. P.S. I just saw that even Dobson said the Republicans kinda deserved to lose. ‘Dropped the ball,’ I think he said.

  6. Luke/Kit –

    Good point about there being no “right” choice. Its really become a battle of choosing between two people that each have their own skeletons in respective closets. I really think that the best thing for our system of government would be to create and enforce term limits on politicians. No one should serve beyond two terms. There should be a constant movement of people to cut down on political power players and rampant corruption. The Republicans were exposed on a lot of negative issues during the past 16 months and I’m sure that contributed to more votes for the Democratic candidates.

    As for Dobson, I’m really not in his camp on a lot of stuff and I generally see politics from a non-religious perspective. By this I mean that I am in favor of the the separation of Church and state and while I will fight for issues such as stopping the killing of unborn children, other issues that are huge in the religious right/Dobson camp such as Gay Marriage are really non issues to me. If people want to legalize the marriages of household pets, so be it. I see marriage through the eyes of Scripture, but who am I to legislate that ideology to people who don’t believe in God?

    I think that Dobson sees the Republican party as the lesser of two evils (as do I). But because of his ability to reach out to political types as a result of his influence, I feel that he has (not necessarily on purpose) muddied the waters of the separation of Church and state. I could go on and on about this and there are lots of ways a Christian could come out on this issue so I don’t want to declare my perspective to be somehow superior. Anyway, thanks for your comments, they’re always appreciated.

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