the goose is getting fat

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so i braved the mall two weekends in a row. i’m an idiot. but the second weekend, which would be this weekend, i had a partner in crime. my friend, jenn, and i went up to frisco and shopped for a long time. we both had shopping-legs by the end of it. i had three or four bags full of stuff and was ready to get out by the time we finally shuffled to the car. jenn, the good wife that she is, had no bags. so proud of her! anyway, while there i followed my husbands orders and bought myself something, but when i got the somethings home, jud didn’t like them. so back to the mall i will go. good bye blue sequined shrug! good bye blue corset-like top. good bye 2005! in the store both seemed not only beautiful and flattering, but fun and inexpensive too. but, they have skinny mirrors and sales that don’t look anything like the sale price at Gap, so. They were both completely impractical too, but something just seemed right about them. i think the something was the skinny mirrors.

i did however pick up a gift for my brother and one for someone(s) who read this blog. i bought omaha steaks for my boss and jud’s grandparents tonight, so i think we’re about done in the gift purchasing department. which is good, because the timing of paychecks and the paying of bills could work out pretty interestingly this month. i was being paid every week, before i became permanent, so it’s just this one month where things are strange. and a great month for things to be strange with your pay, right?!

we’ve been getting christmas cards/letters/pictures in the mail and i LOVE it. I cry every time i read one of those letters and i get stupidly excited to hang up the pictures. i also feel guilty for not putting one out. i really thought i had more time and over estimated my mailing capabilities. in the car on the way home from a friends place today jud and i tried to decide who is worse at mailing things out. he said that i am worse because i take all the time to write things and put them in envelopes and lick said envelope and probably even address it, but then i just don’t finish it and put the stupid thing in the mailbox. he, on the other hand, doesn’t attempt any of it. ever. so i’m the one who’s worse. and, of course, i had no argument against that because he is right. months and months ago i wrote allison a six page letter. it’s still in the notebook. i also saved funny things that i found to send to her too. they are sitting on my dresser. i am a terrible person. at least allison knows my affliction and doesn’t think i don’t care. she knows i’m just lazy. Thanks, Allison! I truly appreciate your understanding and still intend to send you that letter, but uh….

items of interest for this week
MONDAY – Jud has a class to make up for the day that the “wintry blast” hit Dallas. I will go to work and then come home and make Christmas cookies.
TUESDAY – Jud will study study study. I will go to work where I will leave after just a few hours for lunch with a big group from work and hopefully return the aforementioned shirt and shrug to Rampage and then come home and pack and maybe go to my friend Kay’s house for a tv watching party.
WEDNESDAY – Jud will take his finals and come home and sleep. I will go to work and then come back and finish making our house ready for people to come over for Christmas cookies and things to celebrate the end of exams and the end of semester 1.
THURSDAY – Jud will drop me off at work in the wee hours of the morning. I will work. Jud will pick me up at noon and we will drive to Omaha.
FRIDAY – Kim is off work. She will spend time with friends and sleep and enjoy the dogs and stuff (I’m not sure why I felt the need to type in third person, but at least it was clear).
SATURDAY – We are going to the Christmas Eve Service at CBC.
SUNDAY – We are driving to Burwell for Christmas with Jud’s family.

Okay, I feel better seeing it written down.

It’s past my bed time so, I’m out. Happy sleeping!

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