The Greater Good

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So, um, we’ve sort of been watching Lost, Season 1 as much as humanly possible over the past week. We’ve only got three episodes left now. We’re watching the fourth from the end right now…the one where you learn about Sayed and the baby’s just been born and Boone just died and Locke shows Sayed the plane but lies about the hatch.

People, this show is in my head. I dreamed about it. I thought about it while suffering through some sort of internet-circuit-robot issue at work that made the web pages load after ten minutes of building. I thought about it on my drive home from work. And now I am watching it again.

[The key is missing now and Shannon’s lost her mind. Oh man, I am completely loosing my cool over this one. Sayed is all pretending to be a suicide bomber, so it’s a little 24 meets Lost, which makes this especially stressful.]

So, our friend who loaned us the dvds has Season 2, but we’re going to need to take a few weeks to breath and get some work done before we get them from him.

I don’t know if we can wait that long, but I know our real lives need us to.


  1. Jenn will be thrilled to hear you guys are hooked on Lost! We are still trying to avoid the addiction! ~Zan

  2. I’m so glad that you are watching Lost! I know what you mean about the Lost addiction. Rebecca, Summer and I started watching season three late one Friday night and had to quit some time after 1am. Since we still weren’t caught up we got together the next day so we could watch another couple hours. Kind of wasted our weekend.

  3. okay, this good friend you have that let you borrow lost… how good a friend are we talking here? like… let you mail the first season to your best friend so she can gently and carefully watch them all and ever so gently mail them back, somehow in better condition than they were received? that good? please? no? dammit.

    i watched this show obsessively when it first came out (i know we had a few conversations on the show to try to catch each other up on episodes we had missed, that was when it was just one or two.)but too many things have occurred to allow me to keep up with it… when i see the previews for it now it just makes me sad. i want to be all caught up and able to watch the new episodes, but i am missing whole seasons from my experience and i can’t even understand what they are doing in the new season.

  4. my dear friend, i commend you on your efforts. =) i do get confused about what season we are currently beginning…is it the fourth? if so, you will find yourself thoroughly frustrated by the beginning of the third. however, don’t lose heart (isn’t that scriptural? ha!) answers really start coming by the end of the season. i had given up on it for a while, but i’m actually eager to see what evolves this season. i say that, but i am actually not so sure when i see some of the previews. i’ll keep you posted on whether or not i think you should keep up the good work.
    happy day!

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