The Horror of Buying and Choosing

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Last Saturday I went to this awesome brunch at Jenn’s place. Her food totally rocked (and she refused help from everyone, so we all showed up empty stomached and empty handed and she filled us to the brim with delicious brunchy treats…plus some (or a ton) of toffee, which totally rocks my face off, every time. It’s THAT good. It’s better than any toffee I’ve ever received in a gift basket or eaten from the mall or any other person’s house (if I’ve eaten toffee at your house and you are not Jenn, I am sorry. I am not trying to hurt your feelings. I do however, think you might want to try this new recipe my friend is going to give me.)) [HUGE DIGRESSION]. So, after all the food and the official polite talking, we inevitably talked about gifts and what we’re buying and whom they are going to, the usual Christmas gift talk.

While we were talking, someone suggested what I thought was a great idea. I could use this idea for a few people. It would be easy! not too much money! fairly personal! and easy! (I thought it bore repeating). So, with much gusto, I asked Jud what he thought. As soon as I got the words out of my mouth and without even turning his face toward me, he said ‘no’. When I pestered him about his ‘no’, he made some really good points and I relented. Back to square one.

I was not feeling too upset about not knowing what to get people because I had one idea for one person and that thought seemed to comfort me. At least I knew what I was getting for _____. Then today I learned that she already has the thing I was going to purchase and now, I am literally back to square one. Not one solid idea.

I’d like to blame the baby for sapping my smarts and creativity and energy, but the truth is that I am just not good at gift giving. I probably never will be and there’s no reason to start thinking things will change now.

While lamenting this problem to Ronke at lunch, she suggested I go here and run some different personality gift giving ideas. So far, I’ve come up with one gift for one person. That’s some progress. If you’re stuck, you might want to check it out. Although, be warned, the gift ideas are not necessarily on target. You should take what they give you and use it as a jumping off point. But at least, you’ll have somewhere to jump from now, some idea of the height from which you stand, some level of the gravity of this endeavor, some importance to lend to the life of another person for whom you care. Maybe that’s a little over the top. Maybe I should just chill out and go to the mall. Maybe I will choose to sleep instead.

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  1. My friend, you have caused me to stand at least 2 inches taller…or actually sit that much taller tonite. =) I’m so glad that you are a lover of my toffee! And, as I said, I will so happily share my oh-so-incredible-recipe with you. I do believe it was from Southern Living several years ago, so I cannot take full credit. But, I think the key is in roasting the pecans in butter! =) Anyway, I’ll soon share. As for the gift idea, sorry it didn’t work. But, I’m anxious to take a look at the site that you shared. I could probably use some ideas as well! =) TTFN (that’s my abbreviation of ta-ta for now!) =)

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