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The days between Christmas and New Years are always a little bizarre. You have plenty to do, but no real ambition to do those things. Also, you may be very far away from the place where those things matter more and thus you may not feel the true urgency to accomplish them. Yes, you is really me. So, I will not talk about those impending deadlines. Instead I will pretend that I am like all of the other people I work with who have taken off through Jan 3.

There’s much you may not know about now. I’ll try to start at the beginning. I don’t know where the beginning is, so I’ll start with last Wednesday. We had a bunch of friends over for cookies and cheese and delicious turkey cranberry rings and all sorts of goodies that were supplied by our lovely friends. i played with some friends’ little girl and had a blast tap dancing and jigging to know music on our hard wood floors. She’s so adorable that we may not be able to have them around much for fear of being tricked into having one of own. Okay, so maybe we’ll just have her around more!

Thursday came early and after giving away a car at work (glad the ticket assigning/promotional tracking is OVER and that the guy didn’t want the car but the money instead so that he could put up a fence and install new windows), we were off. I didn’t feel all that well – feverish, achy, headache, so I slept off and on while Jud waded through terrible traffic that perpetually congests I-35. Finally out of the junky traffic I took over outside OKC and we were back to flying. I was “making up time” on the Kansas turnpike and loving it. We stopped for gas in Holton and Jud got back behind the wheel. I was stir crazy by this point and urging him to drive faster because I just couldn’t take this car anymore. Faster! Faster! I finally gave up the screaming in my head and put my head down to sleep. Not long after, Jud gave out a little laugh and pulled over to the side of the road.

“Is this a rental?” That was the first question the trooper asked us. Oh, how I wish it had been a storm trooper. We gave him our info and he went back and then came back and gave us a ticket. 72 in a 60. $119.00 Jud gave him a “Merry Christmas” after he gave us the ticket that was completely genuine, but I was pretty sure the guy thought it was sarcastic. Either way we’re sending their county a little bit more holiday cheer.

Christmas Eve we celebrated with G&M crabcakes (you should get some. they are worth it.) and my family. We ate and went to the Christmas Eve Service and saw lots of people. All good things. Then we opened presents and those were also all good things, though completely overwhelming.

Christmas Day we drove out to Burwell, NE for Christmas with Jud’s family. Six hours in the car does not a great day make, but it’s family and you do what you can. Actually getting to the ranch was unreal. The “trail” was snowed over and so we had to go 4-wheeling in my parents’ Buick LeSabre through a field. It was either that or 3 hours of driving for naught, so I think we chose wisely. We got even more good things, including a quilt that Mandy, Jud’s sister, made for us that is great. We’ll take a picture and show you sometime soon.

Monday was a down day. Went to the gym. Ate at Hu Hot. Went to see Munich, which was very good, but graphic. Not family friendly in the slightest. Another one of those movies we love and will not recommend to people for fear of judgment. So, stop your judging. Thank you.

I almost forgot, that we went to a party at Tom’s house on Friday night where I ate my weight in home-made Chex-Mix. Tom makes great Chex-Mix. Also, I hear the tortilla roll up things were also a big hit.

Okay, so now you’ve had the run down and like fools we’ve taken very few pictures.
Sorry about that. I’m sure you’ll recover, though.

Well, if I don’t see you soon…Happy New Year and all.

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