The Language of The Game

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It’s our favorite time of year; time for the air to turn from scorching hot to mildly annoying; for the students to start buckling down as the real work begins; for young men everywhere to put on the pads and attack each other with the force and determination of male big horn sheep fighting over a female during mating season. Yep, it’s football time (like you didn’t know).

With Nebraska handily putting two wins under their belts, we look forward to next week’s first real challenge and hope that the boys in red and white will play with heart, determination and corn fed strength. We’re just as anxious as they are to see what happens in LA and just as proud as their mamas and papas for their performance today.

Gantz – making the most out of being the understudy.

But our football love reaches far beyond the Huskers. We’ve been watching games and ESPN hype all day. Unfortunately there are quite a number of players who have very limited vocabulary skills and who’s struggle with grammar seems to be one W they just can’t put up.

It’s not as if that’s a shock or anything. There are far too many dumb jock jokes and I’m not saying that you should have to have brains to play (although those are usually the ones who go the farthest in their careers), but I expect certain standards from the administrations for whom they play. I don’t have high expectations; just simple gpa / class attendance requirements. I also expect high schools to not promote poor grammar, hick speak and swearing. I should lower my expectations.

Last night we went to the Wylie v. Mesquite-Poteet game in Mesquite (and by ‘we’ I mean, Jud, Jeremy, Rachel and me). We showed up a little before the game, figured out which side was Wylie and went in with their faithful fans (We were cheering for Wylie because of their Nebraska-bound quarterback, Witt, who, for the most part, looked like an ogre playing with Lilliputians) in maroon and white. Both teams were the Pirates, which was a little ridiculous. I suppose cheering “Go Pirates!” would have been some kind of Swiss decree.

Not long after we got there some boys showed up with letters painted across their chests. Later some girls in black bras showed up with the same letters painted on their bare midriffs. The letters: AHMO. We all thought about it for a while. We tried figuring out the acronym and we just could not break the code. Four people with college degrees and two of them in graduate school and we had no idea what it meant. We noticed the cheerleaders incorporating it into their cheers. It was on t-shirts and embroidered into the Wylie ISD teacher’s hat in front of us. AHMO was all over and we didn’t have a clue.

Finally, admitting defeat, Jud went down and asked the teachers what it meant. Blushing a bit and after shooting a sideways glance at one of his fellow teachers, the one with the hat admitted, “It became popular a few years back when we won the state championship. It’s slang for “I’m gonna kick your…” but it’s just the first part of it.”

Say it out loud with a country twang: AHMO

I’m guessing that’s one of the contributing factors to this ranking.

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