The Old Switch-A-Roo

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Revelation: I may be wasting my life.

Meat Behind the Revelation: My Work Week Everyday

[Monday – Thursday]
5:00 am – Get Ready for Work, Quiet Time
6:00 am – Driving Time
6:30 am – Working Time
3:00 pm – Quitting Time
3:30 pm – Workout Time
4:45 pm – Driving Time
5:00 pm – Shower, Supper Making Time
6:00 pm – Eating Time
7:00 pm – Reading Time
8:00 pm – TV Time
9:00 pm – Bedtime (well, at least The Ritual begins)

Admission: Okay, so not every day is quite this patterned, but it’s pretty close and I’ve just been going round and round in my head about the purpose of my life and asking questions like “Why wait until Jud is done with seminary to do something that I love, something with purpose, something that could one day possibly be all I do?” “Why not use these days too?”

And then lots of answers scream at me like “Because the things you love to do don’t earn money and money ensures you can live, Stupid!” “Hello, McFly!”

But then from somewhere in the corner, a little voice says, “Why not do both…work somewhere that pays you well and use your spare time to do more important and fulfilling things?”

[Angry Biff-Kim doesn’t care for the corner speaker, but doesn’t really have much of a counterpoint]

So, in honor of my ambition and also my need to have a ‘space to work’, we are moving our bedroom from the big nice room with the French doors to the smaller room with the outside light that shines eternal (guess we’ll break down and buy some curtains now).

Thus, the decree has gone out; “From this day forward, the old bedroom shall be the new office and the old office shall be the new bedroom and henceforth ye shall use spare time for good!”

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