The Patriarchs

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Hansy, wonderful woman that she is, got the new Beth Moore study, dvds and all and invited Jenn and I (and others, but so far there were conflicts for the others, though all are welcome, so if you want to come, speak up because you will get behind if you wait much longer) to join. We met for the first time tonight and I think we are going to learn tons and tons and enjoy each other mucho mucho.

Hansy’s sister, Birgit, also came because she is visiting for a while

Anyway, thanks to Daniel for taking the picture! Here’s me with my beautiful friends:

me, Jenn, Birgit, Hansy (and baby too)

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  1. Quick work my friend! I’m so glad I made the cut. Though I know the legs are incredibly enticing (ha), I’m afraid that the color of them might blind your readers! I think it’s time to tap into some tan-in-a-bottle before displaying my limbs in the future. =) Thanks for the wake-up call.
    No really, it was so encouraging to start the Bible study tonite. Thanks for staying so long to visit afterwards! I already look forward to next Thursday. Much love to you, my friend!

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