The Speed of Frankenstein

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Now that I’ve managed to isolate at least half of my friends and readers, I thought I’d discuss something less controversial.


– Immunizations for children.

– The death penalty.

– Tigah the Cheetah

– What time to put your kids to bed.

– Reformed theology.

– US Healthcare.

– Gay marriage.

– Medicinal marijuana.

Okay, I’m out. That’s all I’ve got. Hopefully I can isolate a few more of you right off the bat.  I’ll formulate some terrifically polarizing ideas shortly.  In the meantime, I’ll be chasing Piper.

She’s walking.


  1. You’re funny, Kim 🙂 Thanks for the laugh. And contrats on your walker.

    Who is it you’ve isolated? I guess I haven’t really had the problem with people judging me being a SAHM (well, except for my own mom, but that’s a different story). Maybe it’s because I don’t get out much, jk 😉 But really, most of my friends are stay at home moms too or working moms who WISH they could stay home. I don’t really know any moms who look down on other SAHMs. Is it people without kids who hold these views? I’m sorry you’ve endured their rude comments.

  2. thanks, kit. this was just my feeble attempt at humor. i do believe many of the people i know fit more into this category than the one i wrote about last week:
    I’m not upset or anything. No hard feelings on my end but hope that there aren’t any on anybody else’s end either.

  3. you didn’t isolate me, kim! I love women with strong opinions who can eloquently share them:) Thanks for sharing…

  4. Thanks, Carole!

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