The Swing of Things

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well I’ve now attended all of my fall classes except one that I have later this evening. Its been a really interesting time of getting settled back in to homework and etc, but I think that I’ll do all right. Yesterday morning was basically a non-stop highlight real. It started with a my Intro to Theology class which covers a lot of prolegomena, philosophy, and dispensationalism. This was followed by Howard Hendricks’ Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics class. I knew that Hendricks is an amazing man but I don’t think that had the slightest clue what I was in for. Hendricks brings no books to class besides his Bible. I think that at one point he said that this is his 54th year teaching this class at DTS. From the second that people got into the room he was rolling with facts about this and that, all of which were noteworthy and are probably published on one of his books somewhere. So to follow up Hendricks I had Chuck Swindoll in chapel, who is probably one of the most gifted expositers of our day. It was a great time to be encouraged and challenged. So, at this point, the only thing that makes it feel like school to me is the incredible amount of work I have to do. All the rest is pretty amazing.

This week has been quite a bit cooler here in Dallas as well. I think that yesterday was probably the warmest we’ve had (which was still 99 degrees) in a while. Everyone here says that things get better when September comes, so far its looking that way.

On another note, I am unbelievably pumped for Saturday night when Husker football starts. Kim and I found a club that we’re joining called North Texans for Nebraska and they’re getting the pay-per-view game. I guess some times they make runzas and have valentinos pizza at their game parties too. How they get the valentinos, I have no idea.

Maine 6, Nebraska 45

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