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Every time I look around, I see something new that I should be doing. Today it was clean eating. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been sort of playing around with it for a while now, but I’m still consuming processed stuff too. It’s easier with our meals to eat veg and meat and grains that aren’t processed. It’s mostly how we were already eating, but there have always been those quick meals that don’t take any thought and don’t have very much nutritional value (think processed noodles in some kind of fake cream sauce with garlic that I could toss tuna into and serve with…wait for it….potato chips). I know. I know. It’s trash food. It’s not real, but it’s easy and it’s tasty (because it’s packed with addictive chemicals in it that will make you crave for it nightly). But I don’t want to eat that way and I know it’s a good portion of what is wrong with ‘merica or Amercia.

So clean eating had my attention today. Don’t get me wrong, we had processed bread at one point and graham crackers with jello pudding and cool whip for dessert. It was not a day of clean eating. It was a day of THINKING about clean eating. See the difference? Yes, yes, I’m sure you do.

And I thought about how I need to be weight lifting, but I didn’t actually lift any weights. I climbed 2.4 miles of stairs, but I didn’t lift a weight, just a baby and a three year old.

And I thought about buying some curriculum so that I can teach my oldest how to read good and stuff. I did (FINALLY!) make a purchase to help us with the learning for next year. It had free shipping. I really liked that part and the answer they gave to a person’s question on their facebook page (Basically: My kid has Aspergers and is struggling to write well. What curriculum do I need to help him? Answer: Why does your kid need to stress out about handwriting? Have you thought about helping him type and learn to love express himself in story form without worrying about forming letters? [I may have shed a few tears over this, I thought it was so fantastic]). It will be here some time and then I’ll tell you about it, if you promise not to tell me that this is the worst purchase I’ve ever made.

And I thought about putting one of the kids into speech therapy. We’re struggling with the sound of Ls and Ws and my goodness is that a stressful idea for me (He’ll get an IEP?! What?! It’s just speech therapy. I went through speech therapy…wait…did I have an IEP? Oh, probably not. Nobody did that back then. They just sent you to a special room near the principal and kind of freaked you out like you were in trouble for your Kindergarten year).

There are too many good things that I need to eventually accomplish and too many good things that are just not going to happen (see: flossing daily and keeping my vehicle clean). It’s sometimes incredibly hard to figure out which good things need priority, but it’s not hard to know right now. Good night.

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