There Will Be Blood (And Screaming)

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I was in the living room this morning while the kids pretended to eat plastic fruit at the table.  They were playing Market and had purchased the fruit just moments before. I doubt they washed it though.  Those little people aren’t all that down with proper food preparation ever since someone taught them to try a grape in the grocery store before they select a bag to take home.

Anyway, they were in the dining room.  I was on the love seat. That’s when she fell off the dining room chair and her chin was covered in blood.

She fell in her room yesterday and bloodied her mouth then. At first I thought she’d just aggravated that mouth injury, but then as I wiped some blood off of her face I saw the puncture wound.  That sharp little snaggle tooth had pierced her skin.  I couldn’t see how badly. She didn’t want to hold still for me. She wanted me to call Poppy.  So I did.

I held her on the sofa with an ice star in one hand and her blanket in the other, her thumb unable to soothe. Poppy arrived and she laid completely still while he wiped off the blood and determined that she hadn’t bitten all the way through it. A top lip laceration and one just below it too.  No stitches necessary. Ice chips seem to be the very best medicine.

Cage Fighting isn't for Wimps



  1. Is it wrong to say your own daughter looks like Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men?

    • Jud that is kind of messed up. I’m actually just surprised this had nothing to do with the mouse from yesterday.

  2. Oh Miss Piper. She still looks so adorable even with the busted lip…glad she’s okay.

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