There’s Gold in Them There People

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I wish I would’ve taken Luke’s advice last night, but I did as Cheryl suspected…coffee with the woman I met and then I zipped over to catch the main points of the other meeting.

The coffee house adventure was…strange. Instead of giving you the details of the event, I thought we could instead go over a couple of ground rules for inviting people to coffee.

Rule #1 – If meeting at the coffee shop, take a prominent table from which you can see the door. In contrast, I would not suggest sitting in the very back, with your back to the door when you are meeting someone who will barely recognize your face, but probably not the back of your head.

Rule #2 – Coffee shop meetings are favorable for their relaxation and ease. Try not to grill the person with whom you are meeting for their life story as this may set his/her teeth on edge.

Rule #3 – If the coffee sharing has a hidden agenda (say, like prospecting someone for network marketing) you will creep out/annoy your coffee companion unless you tell him/her upfront what you are planning to do.

Rule #4 – This is maybe less a rule and more of just a suggestion, but it’s probably better to not go around telling people you’ve just met that you can interpret dreams and most of your friends are “seers” who can predict the future for specific individuals. You know, a suggestion.

Suffice it to say that the glass of wine would’ve helped.

I made the very end of the other meeting and then chatted with some of the girls until about 10 pm when Jud called to make sure that none of the sirens outside were for me. I had not been attacked or accosted, but I was causing angst, so I hoped in the ol’ Alero, dodged the homeless and indigent, and made my way back home.


  1. oh, Wow!! my vote is you should have had that glass (or two) of wine (aka truth serum) like Luke suggested before going to your two little appts. That would have made it much more interesting!!! =)

  2. “predict the future for specific individuals”?? yeah, anybody can do that. I predict your new “friend” will annoy and embarass many in her time.


  3. Hi Kim–
    I forgot to claim that first anonymous post (guess I really need to figure out my password & sign in, huh?!). I cannot believe your new coffee friend.
    Girl, next time, call me & I’ll hand deliver that glass of wine!!
    Love ya, Zan =)

  4. Whoa! I’m glad you had already done your own thing before actually taking my advice:) Forget about having the wine – just don’t do coffee with her again.

  5. Kim, I think we need to get together over some wine and talk about your double booking problem. While we’re at it, I can show you some photos of a beautiful time share that your could enjoy for as little as. . . . . . . . . . . .

  6. do you remember the story i have about the girl who told me she was an empath and predicted my future most innaccurately, later rescinding her comments with another innacurate prediction? my unfortunate interactions with her spanned many years and would make entertaining asides in my memoir if i am ever to write one. i’ll have to remind you of the key points the next time we talk….

    which will be soon. i sense a long phone call in your future.

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