Things Polite People Wouldn’t Talk About

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So, I know you were not wondering, but so far today (and it is only 1:44 pm) I have been to the bathroom nine times. Nine. I think that is at least 4 times too many. I’ve had a liter of water, 8 oz of cranberry juice and 6 oz of tea. That’s pretty much the normal amount of liquids for me, but it is a lot more urinating than I’m used to. Either the baby is pretending that my bladder is a trampoline or maybe the dreaded abbreviation is back (let’s hope it’s just the former).

Continuing with the toilet talk, I thought I’d tell you a story about keeping your bathroom from being stinky after you’ve done something other than urinate. You know what to do, right? You light a match.

I remember talking to a friend who was just about to get married and she had never heard of such a thing. Then she tried it. Turns out that matches really do cover up that stench. Unfortunately, you probably shouldn’t attempt to cover up similar smells in the same manner whilst on an aeroplane. You know how people are about fire on those things.

[Thanks to alert reader Rick for this one!]


  1. I read on “Ask Yahoo” why the match thing works. Kinda interesting.

    Get used to the peeing thing. Every pregnant woman has to go a different amount, but the common theme is it is more than when you’re not pregnant (I got sick of hearing women complain they had to get up once or twice a night while i was meanwhile like 4-5 times and their complaint sounded like my “normal” but for them it was more than they were used to, so whatever. Small price to pay I guess).

  2. Oh, and as a soon-to-be mommy, this is just the begining of the “things polite people don’t talk about” 🙂 You’re allowed to talk about all sorts of things now!

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