Things that Annoy Part Eleventy-two

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The things that are spoken:

“Nnu-nnu-nnu-nnu-nnu-nnu-nnu-nnu-no” (A coworker who believes the best way to disagree with anyone (on the phone, in person, in her mind) is to repeat the ‘n’ at the beginning of the word ‘no’ a few dozen times.)

The things that are written:

“Please bring your deserts to [location withheld] tomorrow at 10:15 AM, where the desert judging will occur. The winners will be announced during the lunch celebration. Don’t forget to bring your deserts. Prizes for 1st and 2nd place.” (How many times can you use the misspelled word in one email? They’ve been sending out notices and posting fliers all around about this event since the end of July and have yet to correct the typo. I suppose I should just bring a pale of sand or possibly a cactus.)


  1. Don’t they know the spelling rule. When you spell desert it’s only spelt with one s, you save the other s for the dessert, like some Strawberry Short Cake. Here are a couple of clues to help them get it straight. Remember that dessert has two s’s because it tastes so good that we want more of it. Dessert has 2 S’s because more people would select to have dessert than spend time in a desert. Maybe someone needs to share the RULE!!!

  2. oh no. i’m sorry to be “that girl” but did you mean to write pale instead of pail in your blog about dessert instead of desert? because if you didn’t then i will laugh at you while i spray a garden hose in your face. yeah that’s right. i’m threatening you with a scene from billy madison, and i’m prepared to use it.

  3. Good catch Allison–I totally missed that one!


  4. i thought no one would notice and that i could laugh all the way to the bank on that one. it was like my private little joke that i desperately wanted someone to catch.

    no wonder, i heart you.

  5. Story: [one that has nothing to do with annoyances] My RA was reading the various rules for dorm life and under the category, “Not permitted in dorm rooms” was “tires.” Some of the girls were like, “Why tires?” and I laughed to myself because I know the why!!!

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