Things to Come

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Weeks ago I told you that I thought one Mr. Big Boy was attempting to give up his morning nap.  I have pushed and pulled and prodded to keep it.  He was obliging me for a bit there, but I believe it may be officially over (weeps…gnashes teeth).  I am going to need to figure out the best way to handle showering before lunch with a toddler who desperately wants to get in the water too, but whose tubes may be jeopardized by all that business. What?  What’s that? Take a shower while Jud is still at home and before Gideon is awake?  Hahahahahaha!  You don’t know me at all, do you interwerbs?

In the same category, Gideon has added three teeth in the past three weeks.  Two molars (both on top, opposite sides) and one bottom tooth up front.  I’m sure more are coming.  The slightly elevated temperature and puddles of drool on the wood floors are such bad OPSEC.  He’s going to have to work on that before he goes all military and stuff.  We’ll help him out as best we can.

And, finally, proving he is the ultimate man-child, the kid can’t get enough football.  Ever.  And you should check it out…

Football from JudandKim on Vimeo


  1. that video is killing me… really. i mean, i’m seriously baffled by the fact that he has grown so much! =) actually, i’m not baffled… babies do grow in a year’s time. but, you know what i mean. kim and jud, your little gideon is just too precious!!!! i miss you all!

  2. Just remember, teething lasts EIGHTEEN YEARS! at least. Cutting your wisdom teeth counts. Hopefully by then the drooling problem will have been mastered.

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