This is the New Year and I don’t feel any different…

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Happy New Year everyone! Just thought I would post a picture from the Cotton Bowl today. It was sad to experience my first Nebraska loss in person but at least it was a good game. Both Kim and I are feeling pretty under the weather with colds likely contracted in Omaha. On top of the loss, our colds, and the cold weather we sat through at the game, I also was rear-ended by a guy named Carlos Santana (unfortunately not that Carlos Santana) on our way home from the game. While their was no visible damage to my car or any of us in it, I got his info anyway and he preceded to tell me how he wasn’t paying attention because he was busy on his phone while smoking at the same time. Lets here it for multi-tasking. Anyway, we hit the ground running tomorrow as we both embrace the 2007 swing of things (school and work and work and more work). I hope all of you have had a great New Year.


  1. Props for the Death Cab lyrics. And a happy New Year to both you & Kim, and the little one yet to arrive.

  2. Wow, my head looks really odd in this picture…kind of big and mis-shapen, which is how it feels right now due to the nasty cold/fever gig I’ve got going. I’ll have to talk to my photographer about the angle next time :-).

  3. We listened to the game on our drive home yesterday and thought of you. They said it was 40 degrees there? didn’t know it gets that cold there, but everyone’s been having some weather lately. We were praying that Kim wasn’t getting too worked up watching the Huskers lose, for the sake of the baby. My kids heard some good swearing from Luke.

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