Thoughts from the Last Work Day of the Week

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My entire morning brightened up when a coworker announced she’d brought in bagels and cream cheese for everyone. She got hired for a bigger and better position and I thought that the bagels might be her farewell to our side of the building, but she said they weren’t. Then I told her we would accept them as penance for the fact that she is no longer really doing her work. Penance tasted very good.

Another coworker brought me the first season of Lost to watch. Jud and I have been hoping to watch these. Ask and you shall….

Following a really horribly drawn out pain-staking audit process for one of the parts of my job, I have yet to see the final review document. The strange auditor guy who will eventually put this report together gave me back all of my back up documentation today. Now I have to re-file them. He noted that he’d assigned all new numbers to each of them (despite the fact that we already use a numeric system for reference and filing all of them). And really, that’s probably what took all of that time…renumbering them into his own system. It’s pretty complex. The first one he looked at is #1. The second one is #2. See? That would obviously take the better part of three months.

It is raining here and may be icy in the morning. People really loose their minds over the idea of the temperature dropping down here, which isn’t entirely neurotic, given the fact that the roads were planned by a man who, when we saw him interviewed by the local news media Jud and I both concluded, has some sort of mental challenge.

It’s casual day here in the office again and so far I’ve counted three people wearing sweatpants.

A very good friend of mine wrote me an email last night stating that she’s found a new job and is leaving her current job situation (which involved her company routinely taking advantage of her and preying on her loyalty) for a new place with promise and hope.

So, even though it’s raining, today has been nice and bright.


  1. Sweatpants?!!! oh my!! that’s awful!!

    If you want to talk about the temp dropping, how about -20 here! I think the same guy designed our roads too.

    So, just curious, are you going to keep working after the baby comes? your posts about work are interesting but I actually don’t really know what it is you do.

    You’re soon going to find out EXACTLY what I do 🙂


  2. I know it is all rather complicated, but does #2 proceed %3 in the audtior’s filing system, or is it before *1? And just where does ~@#%^&&-1001 fit in this system? Let’s just use the Julian filing system, 2007-011-001, for the (reading right-to-left, first item on January 11 of 2007! Simply, eh?! Pass that on to the auditor.

  3. My circular file needs no such complexities.

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