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Do you know where you were three years ago? I was walking down an aisle and hoping that the person waiting way down there was going to be just who I thought he was. I was wrong, of course, because there is so much more to him than what I knew then. I didn’t know how much he would do to make sure I am happy. I didn’t know how hard he would work to gain knowledge or how wise he could be to know when something should end. I didn’t know how much fun we’d have just sitting around together and I had no idea he could make babies this cute.

You never really believe people when they tell you that you’ll love each other more as the years go by, mostly because you can’t imagine loving someone more than you do at that moment, but the people are right. I love him more today than I did three years ago and I’m sure three years from now it will have increased exponentially.

A very wise woman once told me that marriage is about dying to self. She was 100 percent correct. Jud and I haven’t had the perfect marriage, but it’s really not far off. As we both let go of our own wants and even our needs and embraced what the other person wants and needs, we’ve experienced tremendous joy and fulfillment.

Happy Anniversary, Babe.


  1. Well said, Kim…I feel the same way about being married to Wally for 3 years now.

    Happy 3rd Anniversary!!


  2. I do know where I was three years ago! I was proudly walking my daughter down the aisle so she could be given in marriage to a wonderful man. It was a wedding that gave honor and glory to God, and I am so proud of both of you and your consistent walk with Him.

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