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Jud and I went out on a date Friday night.

I was in the mood for Chinese. Not just any Chinese, Pei Wei Chinese. And not just anything from there. I wanted the crab wontons. I wanted the plum sauce to dip them in. I wanted them hot and sweet and savory. [You should know that these aren’t your normal crab rangoon. They have REAL crab and the wrapper is delicate and delicious.] I’d been wanting some all day.

On the way to the restaurant, I decided to prepare Jud that I was about to order an appetizer and an entree, just so that there was no confusion.

“Okay, just so you know, I’m going to order…”

“I know. You want the lettuce wraps.”

“No. I was going to say that I am going to order the crab wontons.”

“No you’re not.”

“What?! Yes, I am. Why can’t I?”

“Because pregnant women can’t have shellfish.”

Then I made the sound of a thousand dying yaks and two tortured goats.


  1. Oh, That is so sad! I feel for you Kim. I hope you still had a wonderful dinner. (I posted earlier on a different day, hope you got it) I still can’t get over that your having a baby. I’ve been thinkin about you all day:)


    two tortured goats, that’s interesting. this article should help, though.

    There’s a lot of misconception about what you should/shouldn’t eat while pregnant. Chinese food in general might be risky, but maybe that’s just the place by our house 🙂

  3. I would disagree with that 150% I was always told you could eat most anything but sushi, shark, swordfish or marlin and limit your tuna. You can eat other fish in small amounts…and I’m sure I over did the small amounts a few too many times on our trips to red lobster….I craved that SOO much both times I was pregnant! So I would be on my way BACK to the restaurant to eat those yummy CRAB RANGOON!!! Good Luck!!!!!

    Katie Meester

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