Time Wasting 101

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So technically, right now I should be cleaning the house.  It’s a total pit.  Gideon pulled his tray off of his high chair shortly after lunch and the crumbs are still on the floor (the big stuff was discarded, but the little stuff requires the vacuum), I made cookies for bible study tonight and they are cooling on the counter while the dishes soak in the sink, there are toys all over the place and instead of dealing with any of this, I’ve spent the last 30 minutes of Gideon’s nap time playing with this.  It’s free and kind of fun. I am in sore need of hair help and this seemed like a valid exercise in discovery.  I thought you might enjoy it too.

And for the grandparents….

What He Wants for Lunch from JudandKim on Vimeo.


  1. I should be doing homework, but instead the Internets have gotten me off task again. I vote for #2. Cool rocker Mom Kim is what I would call you.

  2. Poppy & Grandma have a whole bag of M&Ms just waiting for you Gideon! But you will have to eat all of your Jimmy John’s lunch first. Yep–a number 9 with extra onions and a big sippy cup of vitamin D milk (which really goes good with chocolate!).

  3. what fun… i, too, might soon find myself playing with hair images! =) as for the video… that’s a boy after my own heart. once you’ve had them, there is no going back! =) we’re off to OSU homecoming tonite and looking forward to it! hope you have a GREAT weekend!!

  4. I seriously wish I could whack all this hair off, but Jud is very much not in favor of Short Hair Kim. Since he has to look at me all the time, I figure it’s the least I can do. Looks like Cool Rocker Mom Kim is going to have to wait.

  5. Good point, I only see you once every 4.5 years, it seems like. Your long hair is beautiful, but I understand the desire to whack it for time savings….

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