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Regardless of how you feel about the President lifting the ban on certain lines of embryonic stem cell research today, I’m sure we all want medical science to reach breakthroughs in healing horrible diseases that ravage the body. Personally, from all that I have read, there appears to be much more success with non-embryonic stem cells.  Actually, this story about fetal stem cells is disturbing, but since we don’t have any influence over Russian, um, ‘technology’ it’s not worth a debate. However, I certainly understand that the boy’s parents were feeling desperate for something to help save their child. I can’t imagine having a life threatening illness attack either of my children, but we’re also taking steps now just in case it does happen in the future.

We’re banking umbilical cord blood.  It’s safe.  It’s easy.  And, relatively inexpensive (about 2k in start up and $125/year thereafter), especially given the going cost of harvesting your own stem cells later and then wiping out your immune system (125k-175k).  We decided to go with Cord Blood Registry, primarily for two factors – 1. Our doctor in Dallas believes them to be the best and we have a deep respect for his opinion.  2. The storage facility is in Arizona, a place not subject to the natural disasters of other areas where banking sites are located. 

If you’re at all interested in doing the same, we’d love to talk with you about it. We really think that this is just another way to be pro-life and hope that you will be too. 

Here are a few stories about how stem cells have changed lives, albeit these are not necessarily cord blood stories.  

HIV wiped out

Scleroderma reversals

Sight to the blind


Here are some cord blood stories of lives that have been saved. 

from Viacord

from Cord Blood Registry 

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