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It’s Wednesday.  It’s snowing.  It’s very cold. It’s time to get some stuff done. Here’s the plan:

– Finish washing puke off blankets and pillows.

– Give Gideon small amounts of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast with sips of water.

– Entertain Piper with new and exciting things she has never seen before so that she will be content if not amused.

– Wait for the Service Guard guy to show up, hopefully before the hot water heater finishes rusting out and the slow leak of water becomes a gusher.

– Sanitize the bathroom where Gideon and I slept last night.

– Hook up caffeine iv.

– Discern if the puking was zithromax induced or if a virus will soon take us all down.

– Fold laundry and put it away.

– Convince two year old to lay down on the sofa or at least keep that bucket nearby while he dances.

– Take down all the Christmas decor.

– Prepare myself for the end of college football [I have no idea how to do this except to start reading all of those blogs about high school recruits but last time I checked I still didn’t care about recruits until they were wearing Ns on their helmets].

– Stop making lists I can’t actually accomplish in one day.

– Bomb Pakistan.

– Watch Modern Family (is anyone else watching this show? I kind of heart it and am afraid it’s going to get canceled).

– More caffiene.

– Call this guy if I’m in a pinch:


  1. Love your posts – so identifiable:) Thinking of you as the “to-do’s” just keep spinning.

  2. Great list, I love how you can be funny when it sounds like things are a stressful, snotty, vommitty, hot water mess.

    The italicized emphasis on putting the laundry away after folding it cracked me up.

    I have to ask though, can saltine type crackers be substitued for toast in the BRAT diet because they are bland and easy-down, or does it have to start with T? I’ve just always wondered about that 😉

  3. Thanks!

    I don’t know what the official ruling is on the saltines, but I’m all for it. Bring on the flat, bland food of illness!

  4. I love Modern Family. James and I crack up everytime! I hope it doesn’t get cancelled!!!

  5. i hope you all are feeling better! it is indeed difficult to say goodbye to the college football season and muddle through the rest of winter, but hey, spring weather is sounding like a better trade off right about now. and i don’t know about you but my heart definitely needs the off season to get back into normal rhythm. also, i’ve tried watching modern family several times. i personally think hearing your stories are by far more gut splitting!

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