Too Long

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Hi. I feel a bit sheepish after all this time…especially given your emails and phone calls and cards and gifts and what not. In all seriousness I feel like I’ve been neglecting all of you friends. I feel selfish and really bad about the lack of thank you cards and returned phone calls, and yet, not terrible enough to actually pick up the phone or write a note.

I’m not entirely sure what my deal is lately…maybe it’s the company hang over…three weeks of other people in our house is wonderful and also exhausting (in the good way, of course)…maybe it’s the crazy long hours I’m working again (back up to 22 hours of overtime again) and the fact that all of those hours are the mind-numbing, eye-crossing, slowly moving through spreadsheet after spreadsheet hours of torture…maybe it’s that I haven’t been to the gym in two weeks…maybe it’s the tired or the lack of proper cooking or…or…or all of the above.

So, gentle readers, forgive my lack of writing and also my lack of energy and pep while typing this now. Instead, pay attention to these pictures. PICTURES! YEAH!

Jeremy & Rachel’s Visit

This One’s for Tammie

A Present from My In-Laws (can you go wrong with Crate & Barrel?)

Mom’s Visit

Hilarity Ensued

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