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This week I didn’t work on Monday. That was wonderful! Of course, then on Tuesday I worked ten hours, on Wednesday eleven hours, on Thursday thirteen and today nine and one half hours. People should not do that. It is bad for your sleep, skin, emotions, marriage, and especially, your eyes.

I promised you pictures of our science experiment from dinner last Saturday and though you may have expected something involving mushed up food, cause you’re totally like that. You are wrong. I mentioned that it was cold last weekend and, for Texas, it was frigid. We have giant single pane windows that are very drafty. Also we have a very old apartment that has one giant grate in the corner of our living room where the heat comes from. So, as you can imagine, our two hour dinner got a little chilly. By the end, though still having a good time, our toes were pretty cold and some of us were sitting on our fingers.

Then, Jud stood up and found the heat.

It was cold down here.

And hot up here.

So, it’s true. Heat rises. They weren’t just foolin around.

Also, though completely unnecessary, Tawnya sent a beautiful thank you card for the weekend and for being their friends.

(Yes, this is me shamelessly promoting my love of cards that I would never take the time to mail. I recognize that I am a hypocrite. I own that. But you are good at mail, friends, and you should send me some because I love it. Or, you could just comment on my blog to let me know you are reading. Both are welcome.)

And finally, in our world of teasing you with promises of rugs and leather chairs and bedroom furniture, we went to World Market to check out this bedroom set.

We chickened out and decided that our concentration should focus on rugs. So, if you have suggestions for rugs….$400 or less that you would like to share, please comment on them below. We would love you forever and take pictures of the thing you told us to buy for all to see (nothing like external motivators to make adults get a job done!).

Instead of buying the furniture, we bought this instead.

I am flying to Phoenix on Monday morning and staying through Wednesday. Business travel makes me feel all important and stuff. It also makes me slightly nauseated.

And finally two items of note:
1. One of my friends’ moms found a lump in her breast. Please pray for her and for my friend.

2. Another of our friends got word this week that they will be adopting a baby in about three weeks. They’ve been waiting a really long time and have been promised this before only to have mothers back out and babies never come. Pray that this will be the end of the waiting and the beginning of a new chapter.

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