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I am writing on an iPad right now. It’s actually kind of annoying because even though it works pretty well, it isn’t great. I am slower and it isn’t easy to correct. But it is kind of awesome to touch the screen. 20 years from now, that will sound so stupid. Of course you touched the screen! Back when we didn’t just use our eyes and thought processes to access our social networking sites. We were so primitive!

So here are some other things that are sure to sound insane later.

Extreme couponing. This is where people spend a lot of time cutting out paper; sometimes printing images off of their computers and taking them to stores that will match other stores prices so that they can get products for almost nothing, or sometimes even get paid to take them out if the store. It has caught on like wildfire. It is something to behold, these binders and things full of cut out paper. I wish I could participate, but I can’t care about it too much right now, and I am horribly bad at consumer math. Let’s just let that last part go without comment.

Watching YouTube videos with our friends and family. Seriously. Sometimes an evening can be spent almost entirely sharing videos other people made about giraffes hitting each other with their heads and necks, or children who are high after dentist visits.

Reality tv. Is it still a thing? Have those kids from Jersey Shore not died from cancer or alcohol poisoning or by beating each other to death? Hmph. Didn’t see that one coming.

Feeling smug about food choices. For the record, I sometimes participate in this horrible activity. Somebody cuts out artificial colors. Someone else is gluten free. We don’t eat dairy! Or like anything we eat (please drip some butter accidentally on my steak)! It used to just be the vegetarians and then the vegans chimed in, but now it’s crazy nuanced and there is no end in sight. Of course, most of our country is still getting fatter and unhealthier, but that isn’t the point. Grab your unpastuerized milk and raise a glass to crazy!

There’s more. So much more, but this keyboard is making me crazy and I’m exhausted (another thing that is really in – complaining about all of these conveniences and or hurried lifestyle. They are the new measurables to make sure you are a part of the modern collective. It won’t actually make you feel better, but at least you’ll have company and they probably have something to show you on YouTube).

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