Triple Threat

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If this picture doesn’t convince you that you should have another baby, nothing will.

It’s so much MORE fun every time. Nothing wrong with the kids you already have, of course, but this is the part of parenting you already KNOW. It’s the baby stuff. The easy stuff [it didn’t feel easy the first time. The first time it felt like someone kept throwing me into a washing machine and letting me whack my head into a concrete wall over and over again while everyone else in the world was asleep. And the second time I was finally just exhaling. Finally breathing again but not all at once because I hadn’t even successfully potty-trained a person yet, so what was I doing with two human beings relying on me all the time for sustenance and entertainment? Who had left these kids with me and when were they going to come pick them up?] is the stuff that comes first.

Of course, I didn’t have any real pukers or babies with heart holes or colic or breathing disorders. Those things would obviously complicate matters far beyond anything I’ve ever dealt with in Babyland.

We’ve had sleep deprivation and strange rashes and random screaming and babies who can’t soothe themselves and tooth pain and fingernails cut too closely and ear infections and all of this stuff and more with which I can deal. It’s easy now. The third kid [and her incredibly easy temperament, to be sure] is making me feel like I’m running in stride.

The older two throw me curve balls now and again. They are walking over ground I’ve not covered before. Soon they will both have two activities outside the home each week. Two separate items for which we must plan and execute totals four total events for the two of them. And Greer will roll with it. She’s great at rolling. Their Mama is going to need to roll right along and enjoy the ride, even over these uncharted territories.

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  1. Ha! you explained that all so well, about how things seem hard the first time, and even the 2nd time you’re still not quite ready to relax and enjoy it. Glad your third baby is easy-going, mine wasn’t and so I guess I still didn’t get it…. so God gave me one more try.

    You’ve hit the nail on the head, and I tell others the same– the baby stuff is actually the easy part. Tiring, but pretty simple. The older kids are super fun, interesting people, but they are getting more complex and separate from me and the thought of it scares me. Guiding them in this process is a lot more responsibility than just keeping them fed and cleaned as babies!

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