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Today i sat in on a meeting where we were all but commanded to work this weekend. A bunch of people said they could work on Sunday but not Saturday. I said the opposite.

Looks like I am going to be faced with the eternal question….overtime or comp-time? Ain’t life grand?

Things I’d rather be doing on Saturday…

Going to the Spring Game (Yes, I know that it already happened. I clearly have a picture of Dad and Adam at the game. I just wish it could happen again…and I could be there).

Smelling the flowers outside Mom & Dad’s house…but I bet these tulips are gone by now.

Playing hide and seek with Adam & the new daddy, Jeremy…but I guess Jeremy will probably want to hang out with his baby.

Going to Rebecca’s graduation ceremony and party.
See how cute her invitations are?
Well, imagine how cute they were without all of my editing bars.
Extremely cute!
Even with the withholding of places and names to keep out all of the internet graduation ceremony crashers, it still looks good.

We are so sad we won’t be there, but we love you, Rebecca, and we are looking forward to your future with lots of anticipation as you continue to know and follow our great God.

Also, we hope your party is rockin!


  1. Oh, it’s gonna be rockin’. Rockin’ awesome, that is. Pretty much the rockin’est awesome’est coolest grad party ever. Ok, maybe not the coolest since you guys won’t be there! Sad. But happy that I made your blog again!

  2. P.S. Your blog is one of the very few bookmarks I have. Congrats.

  3. Well, as I think about it, maybe hanging out with Sarah and Leah is #1 on my priority list, but you guys might be a close second.

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