Tuesdays with Daddy

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Every Tuesday at 11:15, I pack up Gideon and drive out to Jud’s work where we wait for him in the parking lot.  He’s usually very prompt, but I am often early (see military upbringing and file under half crazy) so we read stories about counting and letters and animals while we wait. On our way out there, I typically stop off at the bread store to buy a loaf for seventy cents.  Gideon is always given a hard roll for free from the ladies who work there.  That roll is so much like the brotchen of my past that I always sneak a bite. Thankfully the bread does wonders to keep him content while we wait and I am never so thankful for carbs as on Tuesdays at 11:40ish. 

Today we are not stopping by the bread store since I picked up a loaf at Aldi yesterday.  The meteorologists around here had been making all sorts of noise about an impending snow storm that was supposed to hit this morning and I’d really thought that we might be skipping lunch with dad today. Of course, the roads are dry and the grass is still visible and none of the outside Christmas lights will look better under a blanket of snow tonight.  Instead, we’ll brave the crazy wind and 23 degree high temperature and head out west for lunch without the brotchen. 

In the meantime, we’ll be singing our ABCs like this [Gideon currently only sings A, B, C …L, M, N, O, P and then follows it up with some odd clicking noises, but I totally go for it].

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  1. Hey! that’s pretty good! We sing the ABC’s when we wash our hands and 3 year old Winter isn’t very good at it yet. Wish I could send you some of our snow. It is very pretty, but it still makes me cringe because I know I am going to be soooo sick of it in a few months!

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