Turns Out I Didn’t Get Punk’d

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This was me before…when I thought I got punk’d by the COE

So, ages ago, in September, I ordered a computer from the help desk, which my work, no lie, calls “The Center of Excellence” aka COE. Obviously someone used this term in a derogatory manner once and some executive thought he wasn’t being facetious and thought it was just a “great suggestion, Jones.” Anyway, I gave them my little internet order and asked that they send it to me, you know, in a reasonable amount of time. Many days went bye. Many phone calls were made. Emails. Voicemails. Angry phone calls. Angry emails. Angry voicemails. And yesterday, December 8th, I received my laptop. Whatever they are the center of, it is clearly not excellent. Do not let my disgust lead you astray. No, no. I am grateful for said laptop and glad to be able to do my work at a normal pace as opposed to the double click, sleep for 5 minutes, wake up to computer still making funny grinding noise, get hot tea, stir, steep, stir, double click on next page, i could go on, but i shouldn’t because it is over. That chapter, the painstaking portion is over.

Tomorrow I will both begin and hopefully end my Christmas shopping. This will not take long because 1.we have very little money to spend and 2.i think i’ve decided what to get just about everybody on our list. Places I am attempting to get to: 1. Bed Bath & Beyond 2. Half Price Books 3. Target 4. Sam Moon or Harry Hines 5. Kinkos…i’m going to attempt to send out Christmas postcards, so if you want to get one, email Jud or me your address and i will happily send one out. (if you know me even a little bit, you will know that this will be nothing short of a miracle should a postcard ever reach any of our friends’ homes. rest assured that they will be printed, even addressed, even stamped, but mailing, this is my downfall).

I’m off to rest before my battle in the stores tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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