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My friends at work were always catching those Datelines about online predators who solicit teenagers and actually show up at their homes following four hour drives. I hadn’t seen one until last Wednesday when Ronke told me that one would be on and then I reminded myself eighty billion times so that I would remember to watch it instead of Lost because I haven’t seen Lost in ages and none of it even made sense to me then, so why would it now. So, I watched and it was both horrifying and funny. ‘Can you believe this guy?’ and also ‘why is that guy from Dateline so funny when he asks those questions?’

After watching last week and calling Ronke during commercials, I found out that a new one was on this week. I stumbled across it and then got a text message to check it out again. The gross people were even grosser and stranger than the last week. And even though these shows make me terrified to ever bring children into this world, what with all the perviness out there, I also found myself deliciously enjoying their outing on national tv.

Rehabilitate, shre-habilitate. Lock em up forever.

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