Two for Joy

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Last Saturday night, Jud drove me to Lincoln to see one of my favorite bands. Tonight Jud mentioned that this was the most mainstream band he’s ever seen live. Mainstream and nostalgic. Listening to them play was like listening to the soundtrack of my life. From my bedroom window in Landstuhl to just the other night while Jud and I were working, they have been singing and playing behind most of the major points of my life. I’m grateful – to them for their incredible music and to Jud for buying me tickets (and some tacos) for a fantastic evening out (and to my mother who watched our children while we stayed out very very late).

Let’s reminisce together now.

We were so young:

Outside the amphitheatre. Perfect weather. Perfect scenery. Perfect (for me) partner.

They were so good:

Lights were good. Sounds was awesome. My ears were ringing the next morning. The amphitheatre was a fantastic venue.

Wish you could’ve been there too. In the meantime, go hop on Spotify and listen to Recovering the Satellites or Hard Candy and just see what happens.

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