Two Years

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Dear Gideon,

It was two years ago that you came into the world and I know it’s a complete cliche, but I can’t believe it’s been that long.  In so many ways it seems like it was yesterday that your wiggly little body was placed on my chest and then, of course, it seems like forever too.  This past weekend was a crazy one for your dad and I so we are celebrating your birthday this next weekend.  One of the things you, Piper and I did while Dad was out of town was go to graduation parties. We didn’t make it to all of them, but one of them in particular just grabbed at my throat.  The young man who stood there, accepting his diploma and making us all smile was a baby that I got to hold and now he is grown.  I blinked and he became a man.  I know that my eyes welling up with tears had a lot to do with that boy and his family (and in particular a really great slideshow of pictures his sister put together) but I also know that those tears were also for you.  I am trying so hard not to blink.  

You are a great little boy; inquisitive, funny, brave, shy, loving, frequently obedient, hungry.  You make these incredible comparisons that I never think of – like how thunder (something of which you are now afraid) sounds like a cement mixer driving down the street, or how our little red cooler looks like one of your toy fire trucks when you open up the lid. You still love being outside way more than inside.  You still love trucks and balls and the woofs woofs and M&Ms.  You still think Dada and Poppy are way more fun to play with than any toy.  You aren’t very sure about your sister just yet, although two days ago you told her in the most adorable sing songy tone that you were going to have “jack!” cheese on your tortilla for lunch and followed the announcements with a bunch of affirmatives “uh huh! yeah! uh huh!”.  It was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen you do, and there have been many.  

I could tell a hundred stories about the things you did today and most people probably wouldn’t understand why I feel the need to recount all of those details or why I even remember them.  I’m just trying to hold onto each day that I get to spend with you even as I let you become just a little bit more independent with every one that passes.  I feel so privileged to be your Mommy and to spend every day watching you grow.


Your Dada and I are praying for you every day.  We pray for you to trust in Jesus at an early age and that you will follow Him all the days of your life.  We pray that you will be obedient to us as we obey God.  We pray that you will live the abundant life joyfully and with passion.  We pray that you will be a strong warrior, just as your name suggests. We love you and we’re so proud of who you are becoming.  




  1. This just brought tears to my eyes!

  2. wow! what a precious letter, kim. it certainly caused my emotions to well up as i read. and, i simply cannot believe that your little baby boy is now 2… and that i’ve only barely seen him. have fun celebrating this weekend. wish i was there!

  3. Happy Birthday, Gideon!

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