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This weekend’s activities consisted of a whole lot of action, most of which is not at all interesting, including a graduation (which was actually quite interesting.  Here are Jud’s tweets from that little experience…

::: Alphabetical order is discrimination. #stopthehate
::: Letting the girl go first is so sexist.
::: Now for the part where they snub John Myer
::: The use of latin always seems incredibly pretentious.
::: And now the part where everyone feels pressured to give a standing ovation

I was sitting next to that. Yeah, I snickered.  And the stuff he didn’t put out there for the whole entire world to read?  Some of that was even more hilarious.  Kids, your daddy is funny.

Know who is attempting to rival him?  You, Piper.  You.

While driving in the car today for four hours you moved back and forth for a while between being a pint sized monster of naughtiness (see: kicking the iPad (aka, Daddy’s heart), screaming an ungodly noise randomly and insisting that your shoes be put back on after you take them off, which always occurred directly after I would put them back on) and demanding to be allowed use of a toilet.

Dad noticed that you were timing your requests with exits on the interstate and intersections on the highway.  Smart little devil.

We stopped a few times and you pretended a few times, but since we’d brought along the ‘little potty’ we knew you weren’t doing anything.  We were not fooled.  After loosing a half hour to these fake requests, we weren’t playing anymore. We weren’t stopping even though you were sounding more desperate.  And then, I just knew.  I heard something in your tone or saw you squirm or something and so we pulled over.  And you were not lying. And even though we felt kind of bad, we still rolled our eyes, because you are such a stinker.

With the potty drama removed, you were free to move on to the next stage of your act.  And so you did. The comedy hour began and we all listened as you made up songs that went something like:

::: Oh baby, yeah, yeah, baby.  I need my big bed.  Oh yeah. I sleep in a big bed. This I know. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

You sang it so earnestly and with so much heart that we have almost decided to break down and buy you that big bed.  But not tonight, sweet, funny girl.  Tonight we are all sleeping in our old beds and are thanking God for a very long journey that is over, while looking forward to all of the ones that lie ahead.  Thank you for making the ride so fun.


  1. I thought of you as I refused to give my standing ovation.

  2. Look at you, checking old blogs for new updates. The only one, I am guessing.

    And you didn’t sing the anthem either. I was glad to have company.

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