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Good news, friends!  Late Friday morning, Jud and I met up at the baby doctor’s office to find out how things are progressing.  Answer?  Nicely.  Two centimeters dilated and 70% effaced. Good work, body. Keep it up! Her head is where it should be and everything appears to be setting us up for a little girl to join us very very soon.  

We’ll go back in this Wednesday for another progress check.  Our doctor is going out of town Thursday and Friday and is then on vacation the next week and out of town on my actual due date and the day before.  So, that means we have a decision to make. He suggested inducing on the 16th. He’s technically on vacation then, but will come in to the hospital then if we decide to induce. We were non-committal in his office.

I’d like for things to just work themselves out on their own, but I also would like this doc to be there for it.  Dilemma. I’m sure the internets have opinions about this.  I’m sure you do too.  I just feel a bit conflicted right now wanting her to make her entrance when she is good and ready and wanting the doctor that took nearly an entire pregnancy to find to be present for the event.  

If you’re up for it, pray for her to come this week, before Thursday.  Monday would be great. Tuesday is just fine.  Wednesday sounds lovely.   Nothing like hoping a baby comes conveniently!

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  1. It’s thursday and we haven’t heard the wednesday appt update nor did you respond to my email. maybe we can hope things worked themselves out?? can’t wait to hear some news!

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